60North Bag Company

Marine-Inspired Canvas and Sailcloth Bags.

Each one individually hand-crafted in Shetland.     

Lodberrie Loader in brightly coloured  canvas

Bigton Boatie Bag - Crisp white sailcloth with coloured pocket

Muckle Flugga Lugger - Traditional tan coloured sailcloth



Each bag we make is created using traditional natural cotton canvas, sailcloth  or other rugged marine fabric and constructed using time-honoured sailmaking techniques. Each is built to last a lifetime.

We hand-build each bag so there´ll never be many of them around. They´re also  built one-at-a-time so we can create a bag to your very own individual colour combinations and detailing.

Each and every bag is unique, made with the highest quality marine fabrics and constructed with skill in Shetland.

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