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Boat Covers

Custom made to your requirements

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We can custom-design a range of covers to protect your boat against the ever-changing Shetland weather.

These protect fibreglass, wood, instruments and equipment against sun, rain and salt water, and protect against the unsightly build-up of algae.

Summer covers can be designed for easy fitting and removal using lightweight yet extremely tough
materials to provide a cover that is both waterproof and breathable.

For extreme protection, either ashore or afloat,  a winter cover will keep the rain out, protect against algae and mildew build up and protect vulnerable fittings and openings from driving rain, pooling water, and even snow and ice. 

All covers are made using technically advanced materials, tough marine-grade fastenings and have reinforcements to protect against stress and abrasion.

Traditional Shetland Model boat cover under construction